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Joseff & Samee

We're just a coupla super hippies living in Chicago, though we're not originally from here. Samee is from Iowa and Joseff is from California. We both moved here for college, met on a dating app that is out of business and then we got married and went into the wedding photography business.

Samee: Brains behind the "business," licensed therapist, amazing partner, adventurer, lover of all curiosities, sorceress, dog mom, and all around amazing woman.

Joseff: Photographer, actor, dog dad, will probably tear up at your wedding, started as a street photographer and portrait taker so he knows how to capture the unexpected.

Samee and Joseff: Fro-Yo lovers, One TV show at a time, just got married on May thr 4th, Marie Kondoing, traveling, climbing, exploring, loving, outgoing, balanced dog parents. ;)